Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bringing home the GOLD!

Well- I'm back, and I bring with me a gold medal for (of all things) the ear weight. I was able to carry 16 pounds suspended from my ear over 20 feet before it dropped off. I didn't even tear my ear (my biggest concern). I was thrilled to win anything, as the whole thing did not go as I'd planned. In the first place- they did not allow me to do the 4 man carry as I did in 2000. They told me that if I wanted to do a MAN'S contest, I'd have to compete against the men with the same weight. It would have been over 600 pounds. I really thought about it, but intelligence won over pride. I value my spine too much. I could barely do the 450 pounds.

As to the other one that I thought I'd place in, the knuckle hop, I was disqualifed for bouncing too much. If you watch the film, you'll notice that I don't bounce as high as most of the others, but- whatever. Politics are everywhere, I guess. It'll make for a good movie. I can't wait 'til Liz edits it and we submit it to some festivals. I will be thrilled if we make it to the theaters some day!

As to my next venture? I got a call about a possible fight in Reno, Nevada on November 8th. It's supposed to be on Showtime. We'll see. It's 3 five minute rounds. Five minutes is a long ass round! I'm confident, though. I can't wait to get in the ring again!

Well- I gotta run (seriously!). I'll keep you updated!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

North to Alaska!

We're leaving for Alaska on Tuesday- July 15th- and we're all excited and nervous. I'm hoping to look strong and be successful in my chosen events. My crew is hoping they don't miss any great shots. I always get nervous before any type of competition, but I've got more at stake here. It's fine for just a few hundred people to see you look silly, but- by capturing this on film, I will be sharing all my goofiness for the world to see. I'll have to trust my crew to tell me if I have anything in my teeth or if I have visible panty lines. That's why I'm bringing my training partner and fighter from my fight club, Katelynn. I know she won't let me look too messed up. I'm also counting on her for screaming at me not to give up when I'm out there doing the knuckle hops or the four man carry (especially the 4 man carry- that one feels like your spince is being compressed).

To prep, I've cut my workouts down to almost nothing. I want to be good and hungry for action when I get there. I got an adjustment from Dr. Carbonnel on Friday, and I'm getting a massage from Gerri Largent tomorrow. I can't wait to get there and do this! The waiting is the worst part. It's true, though, that patience and wisdom come with age. I'm not half as nervous as I was when I did this 2000, and I trained smarter- not harder these past 2 weeks. I am ready.

I expect to win at least 2 golds, and we'll be submitting this film to some festivals when it's completed. After I get back, I'm also working on another exercise video with Cal Hunter. Also, I need to line up some fights for my fighters to get them some boxing/ring experience and probably some Golden Gloves championships before I put them into the cage for MMA. Yes, I'm confident, but these are some tough kids! As I do all this, I'll be jumping back into my own cage fighting training and looking for some fights. I can't wait to smash some skulls! Oh, and, Gina Carano? If you're out there, I want a crack at you, little miss American Gladiator- cage fighting champ. It would be a good fight- but I would win. You've never been hit by PSYCHO power before!

Well, folks, I'm out for now. I'll do another post when I come back from Alaska. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What A Day

What a great time at the exhibition! We had a large turn out and great matches. I can't tell you the thrill it was to face my opponent and give it my all and succeed! We raised a lot of money and helped out other organizations along the way. It all about team work.
Things are getting closer for the Olympics and I am training harder than ever. I can't wait to meet with my opponents and kick some serious butt.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My pal Faydra

A good friend of mine, and fellow columnist for the Red Bluff Daily News, also happens to be the mother of one of the students who is taking the lead on the Eskimo Warrior documentary film. She has an excellent blog (in fact- she inspired me to do one). Check it out-

Me and my opponent, John

Exhibition Fight!

I've been training for this my whole life- I finally get to fight a man! Not just spar with, not just wrestle, but actually FIGHT! He's a black belt in Jujitsu by the name of John Minton- retired from the Marine Corp. He's a great guy- teaches Jujitsu to kids for the PAL (Police Athletic League) Program and is in charge of the Young Marines Program in Tehama County.

We are doing this because we both love to fight, AND it'll be a good fundraising opportunity (for PAL and for my Eskimo Olympics Documentary). I also have 2 of my girls from my fight club doing an exhibition boxing match and, possibly, 2 friends of mine (also women) doing a kickboxing exhibition. John and I will be going 5 three minute rounds of MMA (mixed martial arts). I'm sure he'll be trying for a choke or arm bar, while I'll be doing as much ground and pound as possible.

If you're interested in coming- it'll be at the PAL Youth Fitness Center on 1005 Vista Way in Red Bluff on May 10th (doors open at 11:00- tickets are $3 for kids 12 and under, $5 for adults prior to the show and $7 at the door- pre-sale are available at Avant Garde on 317 South Jackson St. in Red Bluff).

Saturday, February 2, 2008

This blog will serve as a training journal and a way to update people about upcoming fights. It will also share what's going on with the "Eskimo Warrior" documentary film. Right now, I want to thank everyone who helped to make the Eskimo Warrior Benefit Concert on January 26th, 2008 such a success. My biggest thank-you goes to Bob Halpin who organized the whole thing and found such excellent bands to play the venue.

Thanks to the wonderful blues band, Downtown and The Feelers who can be accessed at

Thanks to the rockin' group, Mill Creek Blues Band

Thanks to the punk band, Short Bus Pirates (love that name!) who forced all of us old people to put in ear plugs- loud but good! Reach them at

And, last but not least, thanks to the awesome punk/ska/reggae band, The Melodramatics. They had me wanting to slam dance- but I didn't want to hurt anyone! Get them at or

You were all wonderful! Hopefully I can use some music from each band for the soundtrack!

I'll be updating every week. I've got a possible cage match in March, so you'll be hearing about some brutal training.