Monday, March 17, 2008

My pal Faydra

A good friend of mine, and fellow columnist for the Red Bluff Daily News, also happens to be the mother of one of the students who is taking the lead on the Eskimo Warrior documentary film. She has an excellent blog (in fact- she inspired me to do one). Check it out-

Me and my opponent, John

Exhibition Fight!

I've been training for this my whole life- I finally get to fight a man! Not just spar with, not just wrestle, but actually FIGHT! He's a black belt in Jujitsu by the name of John Minton- retired from the Marine Corp. He's a great guy- teaches Jujitsu to kids for the PAL (Police Athletic League) Program and is in charge of the Young Marines Program in Tehama County.

We are doing this because we both love to fight, AND it'll be a good fundraising opportunity (for PAL and for my Eskimo Olympics Documentary). I also have 2 of my girls from my fight club doing an exhibition boxing match and, possibly, 2 friends of mine (also women) doing a kickboxing exhibition. John and I will be going 5 three minute rounds of MMA (mixed martial arts). I'm sure he'll be trying for a choke or arm bar, while I'll be doing as much ground and pound as possible.

If you're interested in coming- it'll be at the PAL Youth Fitness Center on 1005 Vista Way in Red Bluff on May 10th (doors open at 11:00- tickets are $3 for kids 12 and under, $5 for adults prior to the show and $7 at the door- pre-sale are available at Avant Garde on 317 South Jackson St. in Red Bluff).