Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bringing home the GOLD!

Well- I'm back, and I bring with me a gold medal for (of all things) the ear weight. I was able to carry 16 pounds suspended from my ear over 20 feet before it dropped off. I didn't even tear my ear (my biggest concern). I was thrilled to win anything, as the whole thing did not go as I'd planned. In the first place- they did not allow me to do the 4 man carry as I did in 2000. They told me that if I wanted to do a MAN'S contest, I'd have to compete against the men with the same weight. It would have been over 600 pounds. I really thought about it, but intelligence won over pride. I value my spine too much. I could barely do the 450 pounds.

As to the other one that I thought I'd place in, the knuckle hop, I was disqualifed for bouncing too much. If you watch the film, you'll notice that I don't bounce as high as most of the others, but- whatever. Politics are everywhere, I guess. It'll make for a good movie. I can't wait 'til Liz edits it and we submit it to some festivals. I will be thrilled if we make it to the theaters some day!

As to my next venture? I got a call about a possible fight in Reno, Nevada on November 8th. It's supposed to be on Showtime. We'll see. It's 3 five minute rounds. Five minutes is a long ass round! I'm confident, though. I can't wait to get in the ring again!

Well- I gotta run (seriously!). I'll keep you updated!