Sunday, July 13, 2008

North to Alaska!

We're leaving for Alaska on Tuesday- July 15th- and we're all excited and nervous. I'm hoping to look strong and be successful in my chosen events. My crew is hoping they don't miss any great shots. I always get nervous before any type of competition, but I've got more at stake here. It's fine for just a few hundred people to see you look silly, but- by capturing this on film, I will be sharing all my goofiness for the world to see. I'll have to trust my crew to tell me if I have anything in my teeth or if I have visible panty lines. That's why I'm bringing my training partner and fighter from my fight club, Katelynn. I know she won't let me look too messed up. I'm also counting on her for screaming at me not to give up when I'm out there doing the knuckle hops or the four man carry (especially the 4 man carry- that one feels like your spince is being compressed).

To prep, I've cut my workouts down to almost nothing. I want to be good and hungry for action when I get there. I got an adjustment from Dr. Carbonnel on Friday, and I'm getting a massage from Gerri Largent tomorrow. I can't wait to get there and do this! The waiting is the worst part. It's true, though, that patience and wisdom come with age. I'm not half as nervous as I was when I did this 2000, and I trained smarter- not harder these past 2 weeks. I am ready.

I expect to win at least 2 golds, and we'll be submitting this film to some festivals when it's completed. After I get back, I'm also working on another exercise video with Cal Hunter. Also, I need to line up some fights for my fighters to get them some boxing/ring experience and probably some Golden Gloves championships before I put them into the cage for MMA. Yes, I'm confident, but these are some tough kids! As I do all this, I'll be jumping back into my own cage fighting training and looking for some fights. I can't wait to smash some skulls! Oh, and, Gina Carano? If you're out there, I want a crack at you, little miss American Gladiator- cage fighting champ. It would be a good fight- but I would win. You've never been hit by PSYCHO power before!

Well, folks, I'm out for now. I'll do another post when I come back from Alaska. Wish me luck!