Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Finally got my License- Now if I can only get a Fight!

What a roller coaster I've been on the past week until now! I got a call from Tonya, the girl I grappled in December, asking me if I wanted to fight her on February 13th (the girl she was supposed to fight got knocked out 2 weeks ago- she's suspended for 30 days). I said of course! I contacted the California Athletic Commission to check on my pro license. I had to hustle to get some more paperwork in AND I had to send in my fight history to prove that I had enough experience to fight Tonya (as she has 7 pro mma fights- I have 2).

I did all the footwork. I contacted a friend of mine to see if he could be my corner for the fight (you have to have licensed corners). I even paid the $50 to get my friend, Debi, licensed to corner me as well- she knows how to get me to breathe when I'm psyched out. I was even in contact with the promoters- had a room set up, agreed on a contract for payment, it was all set. I was training my butt off- consulting with my judo coach on techniques to use on Tonya, running with my weighted vest up hills, sparring with anyone I could, eating as much food as I could (to try to gain up to 130 pounds- as she would be coming down to 135).

Then I hear from my matchmaker that the commission said I did not have enough experience to fight her. I was shocked! I was boxing when this girl was 6! My matchmaker asked if I'd want to do an exhibition instead (no elbows or knees allowed, and it won't go on either record). Of course you know, I was game. Again, it had to go to the commission. I waited all weekend for Monday to come around so I could find out if I was fighting. I continued training like a beast. I was hopeful and truly didn't believe there would be a problem.

Come Monday, I call my matchmaker. She tells me they nixed the exhibition. She didn't know why- neither did anyone else in her camp. I was seriously bummed. I called my cornerman and let him know I wouldn't be fighting. I let Debi know she didn't need to take time off to go with me. I contacted Kathy Long (my hero who I'm supposed to be fighting next month) to let her know I wouldn't be fighting.

Kathy told me that she is going to watch the fights and is supposed to be introduced at the fights, and they are supposed to announce our upcoming fight to get the interest going for it. She asked if I could go, too, so that they could introduce us both. Finally, a ray of hope! I got free tickets (for all my trouble) and am going the fights- to watch (thank you hubby- for the perfect Valentine's present!). I have real hope of a fight now- because why would they go to the trouble of introducing us and getting the hype going for the March fight unless it was for sure? I'm still not going to believe it, though, until we are in the ring facing eachother.

I will be bringing all my fight gear to the fight on the slight chance that someone doesn't show up and they need an alternate fighter! Call me a girlscout- I'm always prepared. So, I'm pretty relaxed right now, and I'm looking forward to all the awesome fights that are on this card (3 female matches!). Now it's just a matter of what to wear to the fights (so many shoes- so little time)........ Yes, people, we female fighters care about how we look, too. If I'm stepping into the ring to be introduced next to someone as beautiful as Kathy- I'd better bring my A game!

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