Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Wyoming Fight

I had a "title" fight in Casper Wyoming last weekend. It was not a sanctioned title fight, but it was still for a nice, shiny belt. I had to cut 10 pounds (it's so easy to pack it on when you're not careful!) It was a pretty easy cut with some strict dieting a few days before the weigh in. I made it to 125 without having to get in a sauna.

The cutting was nothing compared to the actual trip- dang promoters (the people who put the fight on) had us fly into Denver, rented us a car and had us drive to Casper. An easy drive, they assured us. We found out that it would take several hours and that we'd have to drive through snow storm conditions. We'll never do that again! Fly us into Casper next time, or forget it!

The fight itself was quite a battle. I was prepared for war going in (both with my opponent and myself- it was a high altitude fight- and we had to fight 5 minute rounds- since it was for a title.) I was worried that my lungs would burst. I got some good running in, though, prior to the fight and felt pretty confident about my ability to last all 3 rounds if I needed to.

I had to contend with a blond, model in this fight, and fortunately, I'd just seen her fight in Oroville the prior month. You're probably thinking, oh- a model- easy win. Well, you'd be wrong. She was a tough opponent- definitely no push over.

The bell rang, we tapped gloves, and I immediately went to work. It felt like I was channeling Chuck Liddel (a straight shot, knock out brawler). I left my game plan in the locker room and just started slamming her with straight shots. I was so focused on hitting her, I didn't defend when she took me down. From the ground, I struggled for an arm bar. She dropped an elbow down on my face, and my eye nearly swelled shut. I reversed the position on her, and she caught me in an arm bar. I rained down some hammer fists and posted my knee on her head to get her off my arm. Then I dove on top of her and continued to rain down punches.

Now, here's where it gets sticky. She's yelling at the ref that I kneed her in the head (an illegal move on the ground) and that she can't see. He does nothing, so I continue to rain down punches on her. She clinches me to her- the ref stands us up for lack of action. She doesn't get up. She reiterates that I kneed her in the head and that she can't see. The fight doctor comes in, looks at her, leaves the ring. Her corner/manager comes in, and appears to be trying to talk her into continuing the fight. She refuses.

The ref announces at this point that I won with a TKO (technical knock out), and the ring girls wrap the belt around my waist. I'm happy, but spent. She gets helped out of the ring mumbling that I'm a dirty fighter. Whatever. I've got the belt and the win. My husband and my manager (and fellow fighters Ken and Cutter) were totally happy for me.

Next up, a tough fight in Fresno for Strikeforce on May 15th. It's at a nice low elevation and only 3 minute rounds. I can't wait. That will make 4 fights this year. If I get a fight every month, maybe I'll lose those pre-fight nerves. Wish me luck!


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