Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting a Pro License

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Well- it looks like I have to get my pro license if I want a stab at some good fights (not just casino fights- which I'll still take). What a pain! I didn't realize all the doctors and tests it took. I need to see a general physician, an opthamalogist, a neurologist (and probably a gynacologist, a chiropractor and an ear nose and throat specialist). I have to get an MRI, an EKG, hepatitist A,B and C tests, HIV test, unspecified urine test (drug test?), and who knows what else.

What cracks me up the most is the MRI- what, you can't fight if you have pre-exisiting brain damage? What do they think getting hit in the head repeatedly does to you, anyway?

Another thing that gets my goat- to be licensed in Nevada (I'm working on California and Nevada licences) I have to get a SPECIAL licence because I was born before 1972. If I felt like an old broad before, I'll feel like a REALLY old broad when I have to present my special license. My husband jokes that I may as well get licensed through AARP while I'm at it.

Oh well- I'll do it because I want to fight. I'm just praying for some sponsorship- because my insurance will only cover so much. Anyone out there want to sponsor a professional fighter? I'll put your name all over me! Shorts, shirt, sports bra... whatever! Seriously- let me know. It'd be a great advertising opportunity (and a tax write off?)

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