Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Had to go to a training to day....

Even though I was surrounded by pastries and crap, I was able to stay true to my diet. The key is always bringing along lots of healthy snacks and plenty of water!

Jan. 20th- Weds

oatmeal with apples and skim milk

1 cup coffee
3 cups herbal tea
8 cups water (throughout the day)

1 grapefruit

went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant- had 1 cup beans (not refried), with salsa, 3 corn tortillas and a Diet Dr. Pepper

1 large apple

1 small package of dried cranberries

1 medium mocha- non-fat, no whip cream

1 can of Cambell's Sirloin Burger soup
1 slice whole wheat bread

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