Thursday, February 18, 2010

One of my students, who is following the diet, noticed that since she added so much fiber (fruits and veggies) she has been really, painfully gassy. It's a sad truth- fiber, though a great tool for weight loss and cleansing, can make you gassy at times. I've found that Gas X and beano work well. Just be assured that it won't last forever, your body will adjust the the higher fiber intake- and you will be all the healthier for it!

1 bowl of raisin bran with skim milk

1 cup pureed grapefruit

2 cups coffee

10 cups water

I was going to eat my usual- PBJ- but my friend, Dinesh, surprised me with some chicken curry with rice and a whole wheat tortilla that his mom made! I love Indian food- and this was the best I've ever had! So- if you get the chance to experience something new- do it. Go out to eat with your friends, whatever, just choose wisely- no fried foods, no cheese, no fatty/greasy foods, no fatty dressings or mayo.... There are usually plenty of healthy choices on the menu- ask if you're not sure.

1 fridge cookie

1 tuna salad on whole wheat (recipe below)

1 rice cake

1 cup cocoa with skim milk

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